Jaywire.org Documentation - About

Born and raised in the Northwest

My name is Jeremy, and I began development on Jaywire in 2010 in Beaverton (Portland suburb), Oregon, USA.
I initially created it as an alternative to other online classified services so that I could provide high definition imagery, and embedded video into classifieds listings. I thought that was enough of a unique selling point to make it successful.

As I continued to develop Jaywire, it grew into what you see today. Not only do we have classifieds with high def imagery and embedded video capabilities, but we also have integrated Social media sharing, user and company verification services, credits (for organizations to share value without monetary transactions), and most importantly - DEALS!

I was developing and the ideas kept creeping in for what the platform could become and which services could, AND SHOULD be centralized in one website.

Welcome to Jaywire!
Have a look around, post your wares for sell in your community, see what companies are providing deals in your area, find a job, etc.

And don't hesitate to drop us a line if you need help on Facebook or Twitter
Have a suggestion and/or want to give feedback, please do by contacting us.

Thank you for stopping by,
- Jeremy